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CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber and plastic exhibition breaks the three largest record in history, the largest CHINAPLAS

Source of article:admin   Release time:2018/4/24    Clicks:29
CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber and plastic exhibition was successfully concluded in May 19th at the Pazhou China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou. The current exhibition area is 250 thousand square meters, and the number of exhibitors is 3487, attracting 155258 spectators from 154 countries and regions. Compared with the exhibition held in Guangzhou in 2015, the number of spectators increased by 21.05%, compared with 4.50% in Shanghai in 2016. Among them, there are 40048 overseas spectators, accounting for 25.79%. The total number of viewers, the total number of exhibitors and the total exhibition area all set the best records ever! Annotated the "standing in China to see the world" in the new era, and "let the world see China"!
Ms. Liang Yaqi, general manager of the Fair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., said: "the success of the remarkable achievement is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of the entire CHINAPLAS team, the precise direction of the propaganda strategy and the close support of many partners; and it also reflects the outstanding performance of the rubber and plastic industry in the first quarter of 2017." She said, "economic development has entered a new normal and needs to be driven by factors, investment driven and innovation driven. The trend of social change is the direction of demand evolution, and social demand is the driving force of technological innovation. At the same time, CHINAPLAS focuses on the hot areas of the industry to meet the needs of each dimension, to promote technological innovation as its own task, and to build a high technology content, high value, high level of exchange platform. Facts have proved that our direction and goal are correct. "

On the four day of the exhibition, people in the museum like Carassius auratus, exhibitors open their hearts and talk about market demand and technological innovation. On the international stage of CHINAPLAS, the exhibitors from 38 countries and regions have excellent matches.

"This time we carried out the latest patent research and development results, such as MK6 servo driven injection molding machine, SPEED high speed injection molding machine and all electric injection molding machine, and so on, all of the injection molding machines on display were sold out. CHINAPLAS has brought us a lot of orders and created huge business opportunities for us. "

Mr. Zhu Yuanjie, the manager of the brand construction and Promotion Department of Haitian International Holding Co., Ltd., said: "as a leading enterprise in the industry, Haitian International, in addition to maintaining the domestic market share, is constantly digging the international market." CHINAPLAS is the brand promotion of Haitian International, the development of potential market, the cooperation of agents at home and abroad has provided a platform, and in fact, the international rubber plastic exhibition also shows its value. "

Mr. Jin Yongzhou, Minister of Southern China Business Department of Xiao Xing group, said: "CHINAPLAS, as always, is a great event in the chemical industry. Materials manufacturers, terminal customers, and materials developers will find material solutions at rubber and Plastics Exhibition, find ways to improve products, and find opportunities and future opportunities.

Mr. Matsui, the marketing department of Jiang Changlin, praised the way: "I am very satisfied with the organizers of this exhibition. Many places have done very well, and the planning is more detailed than before. This is my profound experience in the exhibition for more than 10 years. There are many spectators and the professional quality of the audience has also been improved.

In addition, the exhibition has also won the praise of the audience.

Mr. Wang Mingzhi, director of the Technology Department of Guangzhou Lin Jun Automobile Interior Accessories Co., Ltd.: "in four short days, CHINAPLAS has made us open up our vision and understand the commonness and characteristics between different industries. It is of great significance for us to expand the range of products and improve the quality of our products."

Mr. Lin Liangjin, director of production technology department of Foshan body parts Co., Ltd., "CHINAPLAS shows the most advanced production equipment in the world and provides a good equipment supply platform for enterprises." Through this platform, we have acquired cutting-edge information and market technology trends, which greatly help us improve procurement efficiency.

Li Shitao: "this visit CHINAPLAS, mainly to investigate the two aspects of health and paint, such as the material of the antibacterial, hydrophobic, thermal insulation of the intelligent toilet, the lightweight material of the vacuum cleaner, through three days." The tour schedule, which has a lot of communication with a large number of suppliers, knows a lot of information and has great significance for product research. "

Kevin Yan of Shenzhen Creative Technology Limited Technology Engineer: "visiting CHINAPLAS is mainly concerned with non spraying materials, modified materials, additives and so on, while the material performance does not affect the UAV EMC. Some modified materials with light weight, good strength and good thermal conductivity were learned at the exhibition site. In the later stage, we will get a sample and continue to communicate with suppliers. "

Sun Yiheng, R & D Engineer, director of R & D center of Guangzhou Li Bai Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.: "many materials needed for packaging can be found at the exhibition. We learned the latest information of new materials, and saw new materials for blowing bottles and blown films, new type of antireflective agents, anti UV plastics additives, etc. At the same time, we are also interested in new processing equipment, especially intelligent equipment, which can inspire enterprises to achieve innovation in production mode.

Guangzhou Wei Li medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd Packaging Engineer Mr. Zhu Ming: "in the machinery area, we see the latest and most complete printing and packaging machinery, for the future development of the company has a very good reference. The material area can not only find our suppliers, but also see the raw material suppliers in the upper reaches, deepen the understanding of the material and study the material. It is of great guiding significance for the future to find more suitable packaging materials.

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