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Global innovation and technology, CHINAPLAS International Rubber and plastics exhibition technology driven future

Source of article:admin   Release time:2018/4/24    Clicks:47
At present, the global economy is intertwined with many factors, such as weak demand, global integration and the rise of trade protectionism. In this changing economic structure, the rubber and plastics industry is determined to forge ahead and push ahead. In today's ornate "CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", the more than 3400 exhibitors in the world show the industry spectators with innovative technology for the industry, and the exhibition is more resolute in the technology oriented and clear orientation of the future of innovation driven industry. The exhibition will be held for four days (16-19 days of May) in Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and export commodity exhibition hall, with a peak of more than 250 thousand square meters of exhibition area.

Continuous promotion of gold content in the exhibition technology

China's GDP (GDP) grew by 6.9% in the first quarter of 2017, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences predicted a 6.6% increase in GDP in 2017. The slowdown in economic growth has become a new normal. From the scale, speed, expansion and extensive growth in the past, it has turned to intensive growth of quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading. Mr. Zhu Yulun, chairman of the Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., said: "in this context, the plastics market is facing great opportunities and severe challenges at the same time. On the one hand, China's industrial products are developing towards value-added, especially new energy vehicles, packaging, medical and other industries are developing rapidly and towards high-end. On the other hand, household appliances and other industries are faced with overcapacity, which is in urgent need of production capacity for innovation and growth. The government has introduced a number of policies and measures to encourage scientific and technological innovation and support environmental protection; the enterprises themselves also actively increase investment in R & D and strengthen the creation of independent brands; at the same time, there are more and more enterprises in their aspirations, out of country investment mergers and acquisitions or overseas factories, and the layout of the world. This has provided many favorable development conditions for the plastics market, and promoted the demand for rubber and plastic technology innovation and intelligent manufacturing, and created unlimited business opportunities. "

The huge plastic application market, the supply side reform and the strong willingness of the enterprise transformation and upgrading provide strong support for the development of rubber and plastic industry, and have also led to the urgent demand for high and new technology. The "CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" focuses on the theme of "green plastic innovation and the future", focusing on "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection technology", which is located in Guangzhou, China, and radiating the world, presenting the most breakthrough new technologies, rich and new materials, and high cost plastic processing technology and management. Solution。

Ms. Liang Yaqi, general manager of the elegant Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., said that, looking at the development of the past 30 exhibitions, we have been deeply aware of the increasing importance of overseas leading technology suppliers to the Chinese market. At the same time, we have witnessed the growing interest of overseas buyers in China's machinery. In the process of industrialization, it serves as a bridge to pave the way for the industry. The exhibition accelerates the integration of technology and trade at home and abroad, and improves the gold content of the exhibits. The "CHINAPLAS 2017 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" has been developed from the raw materials and equipment procurement and trade platforms located in the past.

Unprecedented technology leading innovation feast

In the past year, many hot key words have sprung up, such as pilotless, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), unmanned aerial vehicle, sharing single car, and so on. With these hot words, it is the advancement of technology and the footsteps of innovation. Entering the second year of 13th Five-Year, the structural reform of supply side has been deepened. Relying on modern scientific and technological progress has become a key link and key area. As the forefront of innovation in rubber and plastics technology, the annual "CHINAPLAS international rubber plastic Exhibition" continues to lead the industry. Exhibitors will launch the latest R & D technology to the audience. Liang Yaqi revealed that there are more than 40 global or Asian first - starting technologies, as well as a number of hot and frontier technologies, including:

Momentive Silopren* LSR4655 SL self lubricating liquid silica gel helps medical equipment manufacturers to improve material characteristics, customers no longer need two lubrication processes, reduce friction coefficient to achieve lubrication, and improve assembly efficiency in the assembly process; Momentive Silopren* LSR 27x9 self adhesive solution Silica gel series is suitable for bonding requirements of many thermoplastic materials. Customers no longer need to use a base coating on the surface of the base material or to pretreat the surface of the base material, which improves the degree of freedom of the design of the client's hardware and software and the flexibility of the processing technology.

The TORELINA PPS of Dongli plastics (China) Co., Ltd. has high heat-resistant, dimensional stability, high rigidity, flame retardancy and other excellent characteristics, especially in the heat control device with good chemical resistance (freezing solution), the application of the HEV/EV automotive energy module is outstanding.

NatureWorks's Ingeo compost capsule package, including thin film, rigid capsule and non-woven technology used for filtering, meets the temperature requirements of drip irrigation and high pressure when using capsules and maintains its compost. The new 3D print wire for industry, Ingeo 3D870, will be on display for the first time, and the heat resistance and impact resistance can be compared to ABS. Beauty.

Austria EREMA rema group's INTAREMA TVEplus 1108 equipment is equipped with a laser filter, which can efficiently and high quality recycled plastic waste of all kinds of density, with a high rate of 80% in Europe.

Kleon long (Nanjing) Machinery Co., Ltd. displays a new involute screw element for the high end extruder ZSK series and a new ZSK extruder and pelletizer based on the new "treasure design concept" to ensure higher production and filling and better dispersion.

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