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The insulation performance of rubber plastic insulation pipe depends on the construction.

Source of article:admin   Release time:2018/4/24    Clicks:37
It is very important to construct the insulation performance of rubber and plastic insulation pipe. The transverse joint should be paid attention to in the insulation construction of rubber plastic plate, and it must be disconnected from each other. The interface and support should be professionally connected by glue so as to ensure tight connection and prevent condensation and cold running. Before construction, it is necessary to confirm whether the specification of the pipe sleeve is consistent with the heat preservation pipe, and prevent the occurrence of larger or smaller size.
Right angle elbow installation step, first use the small pieces of pipe cut from other pipes, put on the pipe, measure the outer diameter of the pipe, mark it well, and draw the cutting surface accurately, start cutting from the lower right corner above the top right corner of the rubber and plastic insulation pipe, so that a pipe can be turned over, so that a pipe can turn over. To adhere to the other part of the tube.
Before the construction, it is best to put the glue in the small jar. Before using it, stir the glue for a while, and stir the glue to the uniform state. When you do not use glue, you should pay attention to sealing it up so as to prevent glue from setting. When the brush is not used to brush the glue, it is best not to put the brush directly in the glue. Pay attention to the temperature difference of the surrounding environment, and grasp the fixed drying time of the special glue for rubber plastic insulation pipe.

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